About Us

We are a small family owned online boutique that sell fabulous clothes, shoes, accessories, amazing kids clothing and Zyia activewear! We can’t thank you enough for stopping by and checking out our shop.
We have 2 girls – Paisleigh-6 years old and Faith-5 years old and our oldest boy Jace-8 years old. I named our boutique after our two little girls. We also raise beef cattle as well so you will see me out there helping my husband with them a lot. I enjoy fashion but I also enjoy being outside and helping with the cattle. One of our bulls was bucket fed so he is really friendly and you will see many pictures of him. I claim him as “my bull” because I was there when we bought him from the sale barn, he was the only one that came up to me, and I told my husband to buy him for me 🙂 so he did! We live in South Dakota, where I like to say it’s cold 9 months out of the year!